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Dealing with divorce or other family law situations like child custody and support can cause a lot of stress. Anuj Sharma Law was created to help residents through the many dilemmas that are confronted along the journey.

After braving the brutalities life flings your way, going home to a warm and loving family is a blessing. However, not all families are alike. And not all of them are happy. Often, time might quiet the fray and return the family to a state of harmony. Other times, the situation requires the involvement of an objective external agency: the law.

At the heart of family law is a strong moral code and a set of unwavering family values. However, while the objective is to uphold and promulgate these values as the case progresses, the process is arduous and fraught with emotional strife for those involved. It is times like these that the counsel of a dedicated family law attorney can ease your way through the entire process.

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