Mr. David R. Spevack

a New Jersey trial lawyer

Mr. David R. SpevackDavid R. Spevack, a New Jersey trial lawyer, focuses on litigation, cases involving employment law and workers’ compensation laws. He has successfully argued motions for medical and temporary benefits, won trials and written successful appeals. He has studied at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and the University of Extremadura in Spain.

David R. Spevack also traveled extensively through India, China, Morocco, Western Europe and South-East Asia. His travels have brought him an understanding and an appreciation of different cultures. David R. Spevack graduated from Rutgers Law School and is licensed to practice law in New Jersey, New York, and the United States District Court.

David R. Spevack speaks Spanish fluently. He has served as the Municipal Prosecutor in various municipalities. David has a special interest in assisting state and local police officers with any legal needs.